Rescue 786

Rescue786 Ambulance Services is a 24-hour emergency service that provides affordable life support services regardless of race, gender and religious belief.

Launched in October 2011 it has provided quality and responsive emergency medical services to prevent loss of life and limb.

The service was borne out of needs in the community and has been supported through donations for basic and intermediate life support service within a 20km radius from Mayfair. Since the launch over 20 000 calls have been attended to.

The area of service extends over a 20 km radius from the base in Mayfair, Johannesburg. The area of operation extends from Malboro drive in the North, Gilloolys interchange on the East, South Gate on the South and Florida on the West.

We are supported by medical doctors, community leaders, and businesses.

Rescue786 Ambulance Services is successfully run by a dedicated board of community leaders from business, financial services and religious leaders.

Rescue 786 is a Non-Profit Company, that is registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). Rescue 786 Ambulance Service is registered with the board of Healthcare Funders and Services, all medical aids as well as Road Accident Fund (RAF).



We strive to serve the community with an affordable alternative basic and immediate life support service.


To become a national provider of choice for medical emergency and medical training, bringing superior medical care comparable to national standards to the communities and businesses we serve.                                                                       


- Quality emergency medical care in line with national standards
- Affordable emergency medical care
- Customer satisfaction
- Quality training services


- To establish a footprint within the City of Johannesburg moving on to the Gauteng province and thereafter to develop a model that can be rolled out nationally
- To provide quality emergency medical service within national standards
- To be affordable and serve the needs of the community
- To educate the community on steps to take in a medical emergency